Team Canada Selection Policy


2.1 National Team Selection Policy
National Team Selection

Team Canada will be comprised of eight men and eight women. The top six women and top six men finishers at the annual Canadian Team Trials (CTT) automatically qualify for the team. The National Selection Committee will select two women and two men from applications submitted faxed to National Office or emailed to High Performance Manager. The two selections will be made no later than September 30th the year of the Canadian Team Trials.

Applications and biography forms will be available on the CTF website ( Applicants must complete the application and biography forms as well as provide a complete resume of performances in national and international competitions, training and performance objectives.

National Selection Committee

The National Selection Committee (NSC) will be responsible for selecting the additional two men and two women members of Team Canada. The NSC will be comprised of three members; the High Performance Unit Manager plus two persons appointed by the HP Unit Manager with advisement of the current team National Coaches and current National Team Athletes.

Standards for Selection of National Team

The NSC is charged with selecting those athletes who are most likely to create the strongest National Team. The NSC shall have the latitude to consider any qualifications and criteria, which the NSC believes would be helpful in creating the strongest team.

In evaluating athletes for possible additions to Team Canada, it is anticipated that the NSC will consider the biography form completed by each athlete and at least the following criteria:

  • Conduct: The athlete must be in good standing with BFC/CTF; that is, all dues, fees, monies owed etc. are up to date, and the athlete is currently not under suspension. Conduct also includes any inappropriate behavior before, during and after national and international competitions.
  • Performance: This includes all international competition, as well as CTF, United States Bowling Congress (USBC), Collegiate, or Provincial sanctioned tournaments.
  • Physical Game: This includes, but is not limited to the many physical elements, which comprise an athlete’s game such as: approach, arm swing, timing, release versatility, speed control the ability to play different angles, shoot spares, change equipment and adjust to different lane conditions.
  • Mental Game: This includes a variety of subjective factors. Examples are: coach-ability, adaptability, practice regimen, ability to stay focused, attitude, commitment, ability to perform under pressure and sportsmanship.
  • Team Play: This includes, but is not limited to the intangible, but crucial ability to be a positive factor in building rapport, confidence and a winning attitude among the team members and coaches. Also team play between team-mates e.g. including communication with other players, lining up off of each other, understanding each other’s games or communicating adjustments when necessary.

Timing of Selection

Final selections will be made no later than September 30th of the year of the CTT tournament. The announcement will be made to CTF Board Members First, then Team Member, Coaches, etc. This correspondence will come from the High Performance Unit Manager. The Head Coach will communicate to the athletes when they are selected and/or not selected. The NSC will investigate all possible athletes to ensure all information has been accurately reported. The selections are final, no appeals will be heard.


2.2 Team Canada Application Policy


Applicant Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Be a Canadian Citizen;
  2. Have a valid Canadian Passport on January 1st of the year of competition and be valid for 6 months after the competition;
  3. Be a member in good standing with Canadian Tenpin Federation;
  4. Be in compliance with all relevant International requirements for eligibility;
  5. Have bowled in the CTT within the past 3 years;

Application Fee:

  1. Submit a $150.00 Application Fee with the application and biography forms if the applicant did not compete in the previous Canadian Team Trials. Applications will not be accepted without payment.
  2. Application fee will be waived for those applicants that competed in the current year’s Canadian Team Trials (CTT).
  1. High Performance may waive this fee in cases of financial hardships.
  2. If an applicant does not get selected a $100 of the application fee will be returned.





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